You can either download a ready to start VirtualBox based Colibri Open-Bi Appliance or rollout your own Colibri into a fresh system.

  1. Rollout Colibri Open-Bi Appliance Ubuntu:
  2. Rollout Colibri Open-Bi Appliance Centos:
  3.  Download Colibri Open-Bi Appliance:

For production use the rollout approach is recommended.

The appliance contains all you need to work with Colibri, including a LibreOffice with OLAP access.

If you wish to use your Desktop Libre/Open Office installation, you can download the Libre/Open Office plugin directly from the appliance (http://[yourhost]/plugin) or here.

Sources are available here.

Please register at our tracker if you want to contribute, report a bug or request a feature.


License: GPL2

Contact: Christian Schwarzinger, ContactInfo


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