As ventures grow and get more successful the need for financial data analysis gets immanent.

Management decisions need to be based on hard facts summarized by enterprise performance measures available on the favored level of detail.

Regular controlling and planning processes rely on accurate figures for the dynamic flow of money connecting  the company’s business processes with customers and the supply chain.

Colibri is designed for this very purpose. Since 2006 its core components were continually improved and formed the backbone of the professional Jedox Premium Suite, which is the choice of many leading companies world-wide with first class consultancy and 24/7 support available.

Based on a long-term and large-scale project experience with Jedox we finally decided to create Colibri to provide an Open BI solution entirely based on Open Source and ready to be used out of the (virtual) box as a starting point for users interested in their own data.

Motivated by the conviction that everybody in modern information society should have access to state-of-the-art BI tools void of preconditions only met by large companies, we hope you find Colibri useful for your own venture. Please be aware that no warranty is provided for Colibri (as-is).