Colibri-ETL is based on a Java Enterprise Technology framework, which also forms the base for other successful proclos projects.

Colibri-OLAP is built on Palo / Jedox OLAP server, which is developed by Jedox in C++ language. The Colibri OLAP spreadsheet plugin was originally developed by Chemnitz University of Technology as PalOOCa and now supports also access to other XMLA capable OLAP servers such as Mondrian.

Colibri-ETL realizes an innovative user interface approach, which allows new backend components to be added or existing backend components to be enhanced without any modification of the UI.

This is achieved by using a meta-model approach, which dynamically generates the component editors based on their Component Description Language (CDL) expressed as an annotated XML schema definition (XSD).

This significantly shortens the release cycle and greatly improves the Time-To-Solution of any project, which relies on custom components to be developed and deployed.

For the user this means a concise UI experience, since the minimal set of necessary concepts derived from practical field experience is used consistently and consequently throughout the application.